The end of Christian schools in Australia?

In an article published this week in Spectator, John Steenhof, Principal Lawyer at Human Rights Law Alliance, critiques the recent Australian Law Reform Commission consultation paper which has recommended the removal of protections in federal laws that allow Christian schools to operate according to their faith without fear of discrimination claims.

The recommended changes would mean that Christian schools would be forced to hire staff who have no calling to promote the Christian faith through their lived example, as well as forcing Christian schools to ‘channel’ new models of sexuality in the school, incompatible with their foundational beliefs.

They would in essence be forced to become agents of the latest trends in the sexual revolution.

These proposals, if implemented, would rob many Christian schools of their very purpose and inevitably lead to closures. Many Christian schools would simply have no reason to remain in business.

John asks whether the government has counted the cost of absorbing unmanageable numbers of students into public sector schooling in every state and territory, if these closures eventuate.

Is this really the outcome that governments want?

Read John’s analysis here.