NSW issued warning over conversion therapy laws

In response to NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet's recent announcement supporting a ban on conversion therapy laws in New South Wales, Principal Lawyer of Human Rights Law Alliance John Steenhof has urged the state parliament to avoid the mistakes made by other states when introducing similar legislation.

Steenhof's article in MercatorNet analyses the flawed processes involved in passing conversion therapy laws in Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, and Victoria. He calls on the parliament to ensure that it conducts an evidence-based parliamentary inquiry, engaging in genuine consultation with all stakeholders, including holding public hearings, to ensure that the processes in NSW will not be as deficient as the acts banning conversion therapy in other states.

Despite assurances from the Premier this week that any conversion therapy laws in NSW would not prohibit prayer or preaching, Steenhof remains cautious, urging the state parliament to resist pressure to make the same mistakes as other jurisdictions.

It is essential that any such laws protect the right of individuals to seek whatever help they want, from whomever they want, in accordance with the human rights of all concerned.

Read John’s article here.