Maria – Doctors’ Conscience Rights

mairhz-doc.pngMaria* is a general practitioner who has studied hard and enjoys serving people through her job. Like many doctors she has conscientious convictions about various things, including family and bioethics – convictions that she abides by in all of her life, including her work.

Although she does not offer IVF fertility services, a couple who wanted a child raised the issue with her. When Maria explained that IVF does not fit within her area of practice, the couple requested a referral, which she also declined.

An official AHPRA complaint was lodged against Maria with the Medical Board alleging that she had unjustly discriminated in her practice of medicine.

Lawyers affiliated with the Human Rights Law alliance were able to assist Maria with legal help in her representations to the Medical Board which ultimately resulted in a ruling that the complaint was without basis.

This is an important win for the freedom of conscience of doctors.

*Clients have been de-identified where settlements were confidential, where issues are sensitive, where requested or where the matter is currently before the Courts.

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