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Lara – Business Targeted by Activists

Lara* is a Christian sole trader and operates a female beauty salon. A transgender activist reported Lara to the Victorian Human Rights Commission accusing Lara of refusing to take a booking from a...

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Tim – Pharmacists’ Conscience Rights

Tim* is a Christian pharmacist in Tasmania who faced potential disciplinary action because, as a matter of conscience, he did not supply abortion drugs in his pharmacy. During a normal workday, a ...

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Max – Fired Over Transgender Conviction

Max* is an experienced teacher in NSW who is highly regarded by colleagues, students and parents alike, and is recognised as a skilled, effective and organised teacher. At the beginning of the 202...

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Oliver – Homestay Child Removed

Oliver* and his wife are homestay parents in Queensland who were given care of an adolescent international student (who was a biological female) studying at a local school. Subsequent to the place...

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Jonathan and Sandra – Forced Against Conscience

Jonathan* and Sandra’s* daughter Kate*, was diagnosed in childhood with psychological instability and emotional trauma. In her early-20s, Kate announced that she now identified as a male and expect...

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Jeremy – Discipline for Social Media Comments

Jeremy* is a Christian medical practitioner with over 40 years’ experience. He shared his opinion on social media regarding psychological challenges faced by LGBT+ people and an anonymous complaint...

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Riley Soares – Excluded from College

Riley is a practicing Catholic who is same-sex attracted but lives a celibate life in accordance with Catholic teaching. Riley stood for traditional marriage during the 2017 marriage campaign and w...

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Dr Weerakoon – Reputation and Career Attacked

Dr. Patricia Weerakoon was born in Sri Lanka and trained as a doctor in her home country and the United States. She has been an academic sexologist living in Australia for decades and has devoted h...

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Maria – Doctors’ Conscience Rights

Maria* is a general practitioner who has studied hard and enjoys serving people through her job. Like many doctors she has conscientious convictions about various things, including family and bioet...