John Steenhof addresses Christians on public engagement

This weekend, HRLA Principal John Steenhof will join committed Christians of all denominations and backgrounds from around the country at the annual Church and State conference.

The Conference was founded by Dave Pellowe to create a space for Christians to be informed by brilliant international and local guest speakers on the latest issues impacting our faith through culture and politics.

The mission of Church and State Ministries is to:

“ Christians first be better informed about the Biblical basis for political involvement and to then be better involved in providing the imprimatur for justice and wisdom in government. Our vision is that Christians in every electorate would resolve to take the simple political steps within everyone’s ability to proactively influence culture, motivated by obedience to Christ and love of neighbour”.

This year’s speakers include Fr Calvin Robinson (live streaming from London), Founder of the Church and State conference Dave Pellowe, Federal Victorian Senator Ralph Babet, Michelle Pearce and Wendy Francis from the Australian Christian Lobby, and Dr Stephen Chavura, as well as many others.

John Steenhof, Managing Director of Human Rights Law Alliance will provide a keynote address on Saturday afternoon. John’s presentation, entitled “Word magic, ratchets, crybullies and deportment: a Christian field guide for public engagement”, will focus on the call of Jesus to his followers to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

As Australia’s only religious freedom law firm specialising in the areas of freedom of thought, speech and conscience, HRLA has unique expertise and experience working with Christians trying to navigate a hostile public square. John will draw upon this expertise to provide advice about public engagement and give practical tips about how Christians can remain faithful and wise in an increasingly anti-Christian culture.

There are still tickets available for those who wish to attend. Register here.