Feeling the heat for your faith?

You have the right to peacefully live out your faith and convictions without fear.

But your freedom of speech and religion is coming under fire in Australia like never before.

Christians and other people of faith are being fired from their jobs, sued for discrimination, stripped of their qualifications, and excluded.

Many are finding themselves in legal nightmares for merely living out their beliefs.  

And most Australians do not have the fame, profile, or financial resources necessary to defend themselves.

But you have a powerful ally in the Human Rights Law Alliance (HRLA).

This not-for-profit law firm is here to protect and advance religious freedom for all Australians.

We’re here to provide assistance, advice, and advocacy to ordinary Australians like you when you come under attack for living out your faith and convictions in public.

Partner with us to help fight for freedom in the courts.

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