Employee dismissed for comments in political discussion forum

The Human Rights Law Alliance is assisting Matthew Squires, a Christian who was dismissed from his job in March 2023 because of past Facebook comments.

Mr Squires regularly expressed his political and religious views by commenting in a political discussion forum on Facebook.  

However, when two of his comments – one made in August 2019 and another in May 2021 – came to the attention of his employer in March 2023, Mr Squires was summarily dismissed from his employment.

Around the time that Mr Squires was dismissed, he provided this statement to the media:

We should all be able to respectfully share our views, online or otherwise, without fear of being cancelled or misrepresented sometime in the future.

This is fundamental to our Australian tradition and vital to any properly functioning democracy.

Mr Squires has now brought a claim of unlawful termination in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.  

In the circumstances that led to his employment’s termination, Mr Squires says that he was dismissed because of his political opinion and religion.

Mr Squires’ former employer denies his claim. 

It says that Mr Squires was validly dismissed for serious misconduct, and not for reasons prohibited by statute.

The HRLA will assist Mr Squires with the preparation of his case.