Wilkie v Preston - Challenging Abortion Buffer Zones

Case Type: Freedom of Speech (buffer zones)
Status: Ongoing

Graham Preston has been a pro-life campaigner for many years, seeking to raise awareness about the realities of abortion.

That is why, when Graham heard of new legislation imposing 150 meter buffer zones around abortion clinics, he was deeply concerned that peaceful pro-life speech was being targeted unfairly.

Governments claim that the exclusion zones are enacted to prevent harassment and obstruction, but no evidence of these patterns of behaviour near clinics exists. In addition, police powers would be sufficient to appropriately deal with any such problems.

The real effect of the buffer zones is to target pro-life activities, including the humane and effective work of sidewalk counsellors and peaceful demonstrations aimed at raising awareness about abortion.

Graham stood within an exclusion zone holding a sign referencing the right to life in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a picture of an pre-born child. He was charged with breaching an exclusion zone.

This case provides a unique opportunity to test the constitutional validity of the exclusion zones legislation which now exists in several states.

Graham's case is currently on appeal to the Supreme Court of Tasmania and the Human Rights Law Alliance is assisting with some of the funding requirements. If you would like to give to Graham's case, simply use the form below and 100% of the money will be used for that purpose.


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