Free Speech & Religion in Practice (Sydney CPD Event)

Freedom of religion and speech are fields of law that interest many Christian lawyers but sit outside of our scope of day to day practice.

These CPD lectures examine key legal doctrines and arguments relating to these freedoms and how they can be applied in legal practice.

Delivered in two parts, each consisting of a lecture and a case study, this is an opportunity to wet the appetite for many in commercial law and other fields to understand and even pursue work involving human rights issues.

Light refreshments will be provided during a short interval.

Part 1: The Implied Freedom of Political Communication as Protection of Religious Speech

Christopher Brohier (Barrister-at-Law) is Chief Counsel for the Human Rights Law Alliance and has argued implied freedom cases in Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts as well as the Federal Court. The implied freedom has also formed the basis of out of court negotiations and advocacy in many cases where people of faith have been subject to adverse treatment for religious expression.

This lecture will examine the importance of using the implied freedom to ensure that people of faith are not subjected to adverse treatment for their religious belief and expression.

A recent case study and Q&A will be included.

Part 2: Section 116 of the Constitution: Protecting the Free Exercise of Religion?

Professor X is a leading Australian constitutional law expert. This presentation will cover the "unfinished business" of section 116 of the Australian Constitution which guarantees freedom of religion.

To what extent have the courts examined section 116? What are the opportunities in relation to this section in the future? The lecture will extract practical arguments that need to be made in order to better develop section 116 jurisprudence.

Case studies and Q&A will be included.

When ?
April 04, 2017 at 6pm - 9pm
Where ?
Moore Theological College
1 King St Newtown
Sydney, NSW 2042

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