Why we Exist

The Human Rights Law Alliance exists to provide legal services in the area of freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

As a not-for-profit law firm with a Christian ethos, we work to ensure that all Australians can peacefully live out their faith and convictions both in private and in public without fear.

The freedom to believe lies at the core of all human rights and freedoms. Freedom of speech enables the communication of beliefs, whilst freedom of expression permits beliefs to be lived out in society. Freedom of association allows those of like-mind to form groups, communities and organisations governed by common conviction and to exercise those rights together.

In the Christian context, these freedoms enable belief in the Christian gospel to be spoken, shared, lived and therefore to promote the best interests of all Australians.

What we do

Litigation Assistance

We provide legal assistance and representation for cases where people and organisations are in trouble with the law for living out their faith. By providing this practical help, we also set freedom-protecting legal precedents.

Legal Advisory

We provide our clients with legal advice in relation to existing law, as well as proposed changes to the law, and can represent those clients to present submissions to various governmental enquiries.


We provide training students and practitioners, we equip lawyers to preserve and develop good law.

Alliance Building

We are growing an alliance of lawyers and experts sharing their respective knowledge for the furtherance of these aims.


The Human Rights Law Alliance produces resources for faith-based organisations to better protect their freedoms.

John Steenhof
Managing Director

John has over 15 years experience as a lawyer and started his career in a large corporate and commercial law firm. In 2015, John started Steenhof Brothers specialising in commercial law and also practicing in religious freedom litigation and advisory. 

John has also served on the boards of a number of charities in Western Australia and has been active in setting up residential restoratio programmes.

John started with HRLA in 2019.

Christopher Brohier
Consulting Barrister

Christopher's long legal career spans some 35 years of practice, first as a solicitor then at the South Australian bar. He has appeared on cases in various state tribunals, magistrates, district and supreme courts as well as both the Federal Court and the High Court of Australia.

In recent years Christopher has increasingly focused on human rights and Constitutional issues, engaging both on relevant cases and in the field of lobbying and policy advice.

David Burr

David has been in legal practice with his wife for over 30 years with a major focus in commercial and property matters. David also holds a Master of Laws (Human Rights) from Monash University and has expanded his practice to include human rights matters.

In addition to legal practice, David has also pursued a number of business interests in property development, manufacturing and agriculture.

JJA Wallace AM
Board Member

Jim's long army career included command of the SAS Regiment, Special Forces and the Mechanised Brigade's 3,000 personnel and most of the army's fighting vehicles. He has also served with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation in Golan Heights. He attained the rank of Brigadier.

In 1984 Jim was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to counter terrorism.


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